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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

{ food stand of glory }

{ain't no lie}

There are sometimes two criteria for finding a quick bite to eat - 1) what is cheap and good? 2) what is cheap and good and will cure this ungodly hangover? On this day, it was only the first criteria that needed fulfilled. But please believe, that criteria number 2 will be completely fulfilled at this very same locale if need be (unless it's Sunday, then you are on your own). Although there are a number of mouth-watering items on the menu, including their famed Pastrami, today I went for the fish tacos. Battered, fried, topped with avocado and a delicious tartar-like sauce. They were 100% worth enduring the cold for a few minutes to order. Bonus for the staff inside the stand being friendly and fun.

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