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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gambas El Meson

{gambas al ajillo}

{the best part}

I think the point of going to most tapas restaurants is to order multiple plates to get a taste of as many things as possible. At El Meson, I order 3 of the same tapa...gambas al ajillo. Tiny shrimp in sizzling hot olive oil, garlic and chile. Even though the shrimp are perfect, my favorite part is dipping the bread in the remaining sauce and garlic. Apparently that's the staffs favorite part too because they keep that bread basket stocked until there is not a trace of olive oil left. mmmmmm.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

{ food stand of glory }

{ain't no lie}

There are sometimes two criteria for finding a quick bite to eat - 1) what is cheap and good? 2) what is cheap and good and will cure this ungodly hangover? On this day, it was only the first criteria that needed fulfilled. But please believe, that criteria number 2 will be completely fulfilled at this very same locale if need be (unless it's Sunday, then you are on your own). Although there are a number of mouth-watering items on the menu, including their famed Pastrami, today I went for the fish tacos. Battered, fried, topped with avocado and a delicious tartar-like sauce. They were 100% worth enduring the cold for a few minutes to order. Bonus for the staff inside the stand being friendly and fun.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Masa Sushi { Monkey Ball }

monkey ball me! we all know masa sushi is a local favorite, most definitely one of ours. the sushi, like the atmosphere, is simple and fresh. they add local flavors, like green chile, without going over the top. you cannot go to masa without ordering the Monkey Balls.....oh yes. a portoblello mushroom stuffed with spicy tuna, flash fried with tempura and topped with spicy aioli and chives, love.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Unity Santa Fe

{ case of enticements: Samanca, Clemmie Watson and more }

{ Clemmie Watson Longhorn Necklace }

{ Feather Necklaces by Clemmie Watson }

{ Callen Cordero heels }

pretty much our favorite store in santa fe for unique basics. if you are in the market for some stuff to shnazz up your t-shirts and jeans, go look at the accessories at Unity. taos jewelry designer, Clemmie Watson, makes really cool feather necklaces and earrings. the longhorn necklace, also Clemmie Watson, is another piece we loved. although it's cold and hard to imagine wearing non fur-lined anything, these shoes will be perfect when it warms up. they look edgy and Callen Cordero shoes are so comfortable, even when you work on your feet all day. and worth the price considering they never fall apart or show wear. definitely more to come from this store...

Jambo Jambo

{ chicken curry sandwich }

{ cinnamon dusted fried plantains and pineapple curry }
{ grilled jerk chicken }

{ coconut chicken curry }

jambo cafe is caribbean and african deliciousness . we loved, loved, loved the cinnamon dusted fried plantains with pineapple curry sauce as a starter. this is the perfect spot to meet up with a group of friends and order everything on the menu...we plan to soon.